Surf the North Coast


Welcome to North Coast Vintage Camper Hire’s page dedicated to the surfing community and visitors to the North of Scotland on surfing trips.


As Scotland’s surf capital, Thurso is a pilgrimage site for serious wave riders. This remote tiny town, which has its roots in agriculture and a nuclear power plant, happens to take the crown for the best right-hand breaking wave in Europe. Its climatic disposition ensures epic uncrowded cold-water waves set to ignite a fire within all thrill seekers. Waves are known to range from 2 to 15 feet, making the Baltic temperatures totally worth it.

Scotland is now a regular stop for the O'Neill Cold Water Classic series, a mini tour that visits some of the best cold water waves on the planet. 

After doing our research it became apparent that many surfers come to Caithness and Sutherland to enjoy the world class surf and spend a lot of their time driving as the waves change location which is why we decided to include a couple of “budget” campervans to allow you surfers the flexibility to follow the surf, waking up at the very spot the waves are ready for another day on some of the best waves in Europe.

By hiring one of our vans (and awnings) up to four people could share the cost making it a very cheap way to follow the surf. (see our Book Now tab for rates) and also a very enjoyable way.