How old do I have to be to hire a campervan from North Coast Vintage Camper Hire?

Between 25-70 years old, then one driver is insured fully comprehensive for the duration of the hire free of charge. Additional drivers incur additional charges please feel free to request a quote. All drivers must be present on collection of the campervan.

Do I need to provide any form of identification when booking one of your campers?

Yes, you will need to provide your original driving licence (BOTH PARTS) and a form of identification that proves your age and current address. You will also need a valid credit card in order that we can take an imprint of this, against the security deposit of £700. This WILL NOT be deducted from your card UNLESS you fail to return our vehicle in an acceptable condition. This is very important as should you fail to produce any of the above you will be unable to take the vehicle out on hire. This is a stipulation from our insurers.

I hold a full driving licence which is not issued in the UK, can I still hire your vans?

Yes, we welcome visitors from outside the UK. Contact us beforehand and we will discuss this on your behalf with our insurers. If there are any additional charges we will ask you to meet these costs.

I am under 25, can I still hire one of you campervans?

Our insurers may consider drivers under 25, but there is an additional premium. Please call us for a quote.

What is the booking process?

The process is as follows

  1. Select a camper
  2. Contact us via email,  telephone or online booking form
  3. Tell us about any extras that you might want
  4. Receive a quote and more details
  5. Pay a £150 deposit.
  6. Receive confirmation
  7. Pay the balance when it is due (6 weeks prior to hire)
  8. Look forward to your trip!

What if I damage the camper or am involved in a road accident?

Our main concern is that all of your party are ok. If you are involved in a road accident we ask that you contact the Police to report it and are guided by them in any procedures that are required. We understand that genuine minor bumps and scrapes can happen and do not want you to spend your holiday worrying about telling us! We ask that you contact us straight away, as this will not only allow you to continue your adventure at ease, but will also allow us to prepare for any repair to the campers on your return. Please see our emergency contact details in the camper’s handbook.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

Our vehicles meticulously maintained to reduce the possibility of a break down, but are vintage vehicles over 40 years old. You are fully covered by roadside recovery and relay. If however, the problem cannot be resolved quickly by these means, please call us and we will make arrangements to get you back on the road as soon as we can. You will have a telephone number in your campervan pack on which we can be contacted 24hrs a day.

Can you deliver the campervan to me?

No we don’t deliver but are more than happy to collect you from Thurso railway station, Wick Airport or any Caithness ferry terminal if you are coming from the islands to the mainland.

Can I leave my car with you when I collect my campervan?

Yes, if you are driving, you are welcome to leave your car at our base, located on a quiet road. Cars are left entirely at your own risk. We cannot accept liability for any damage or loss.

How many people can sleep in our campervans?

Each van accommodates different numbers but see the Meet the Campers tab where it is all detailed for each van. The vans can be hired with drive away awnings which increase the numbers and gives that extra space and somewhere to leave your stuff during the day when you are away exploring. Air beds are available in our optional extras list.

Can we bring our bicycles?

Yes, no problem. We can provide you with a cycle bike rack. We can also provide you with bikes at an extra cost. Please see our Optional Extras for further information.

Do the campervans have an electric hook-up?

Yes, all vans have electric hook-up facility so you can get 240v on campsites that provide this or for those of you who are planning rough camping we can hire you a suitcase generator to give you this additional comfort. (see optional extras)

Do your campervans have seat belts?

All our campervans are fitted with seat belts in the front and rear.

What type of fuel do the campervans run on?

Our vintage campervans run on regular unleaded petrol, and the newer ones are diesel.

What do we need to bring with us?

Our campervans come equipped with the essential things you’ll need for a great trip, such as cooking equipment and cutlery (see equipment list on the meet the van page). We can provide bedding and towels at an additional cost (see optional extras) or just turn up with your own and the van is ready to go.

What time do we collect and return the camper?

You can collect your camper from 10.30 am on the morning of your hire. This allows you all day to enjoy getting to your destination! You MUST deliver your camper prior to 3.30 pm on the day of return. Please return the van by the agreed time. If for genuine reasons you cannot get to us at the stipulated times, please let us know as soon as possible by telephone, and alternative arrangements may be made, likewise if you have any reason you would like to change the return time please ask and if possible we will accommodate.

What about fuel when we return the camper?

All campers are full of fuel when you collect them and are expected to be full on return, there are petrol stations in Thurso approximately 6 miles from our base

Are the campers’ no-smoking?

Yes. All of our lovely campers are strictly non-smoking..

FAQs relating only to our vintage stock

How fast do the campervans go?

Our vintage VW campervans all come with 1.6 air cooled engines. They are built for comfort, not speed. They have just 4 gears (and a reverse) and a top speed is 50 mph. Please take this into consideration when planning your journey. Part of the fun and experience of driving these vintage campers is the meandering along taking in the views, stopping for breaks and sightseeing and behaving entirely opposite to the normal hurry hurry rush rush life style we tend to accept as normal, try it you’ll enjoy it.

Are they easy to drive?

All our vintage campervans take a little bit of getting used to as they do not come with the features many modern cars offer, such as power steering. Gear changes can take a little practise, but soon becomes second nature especially to the more mature amongst us who remember driving these the first time round. We will run through everything when you collect your campervan and take you on a short test drive if you want to until you are completely comfortable with the van and it’s controls.

Is there any limit to the mileage?

Short answer – NO limit because bear in mind these vehicles are between 40 and 50 years old and have a top speed of around 50 / 55mph so we tend to find people don’t want to hire them to cover huge distances in a short time, they want to relax and enjoy a slow leisurely drive exploring the Highlands and Islands and all that it has to offer