Budget Camper van hire


Are you a wild camper, festival goer, hill loch fisherman, rambler, or dog lover or someone who would like the experience of a campervan break but don’t want to hire an expensive motorhome then read on…      

At North Coast Camper Hire we have done a lot of research and this research has identified the fact that some of us are looking for an alternative camper hire experience, this is a customer that doesn’t want to spend their whole holiday in a campervan but do fancy a few nights in the Highlands and Islands doing a bit of rough, wild camping  / wilderness exploring.

You may not want to hire a vintage van or top of the range camper van that is high maintenance, where you are worried every minute about getting sand in the carpet or sitting on the seats with dirty shorts. You might want to attend a festival where again a pristine top of the range camper is not what you are looking for due to the occasion, nobody wants to spend fun time at an event or festival petrified a mark on a cushion costs you your deposit, so we intend to have a van aimed at this market.

Dog friendly!

As dog lovers ourselves we also understand that man’s best friend also needs to have a holiday, this “Wild Camper Van” we offer will accommodate all the family without stress.

  • Obviously the campers need to be looked after and respected but must also be fun to hire and use.
  • Between hires our vans are professionally valeted so the all you will smell is the fresh Highland air.
  • We also include bike racks so you can use the van as a base to your cycling holiday.

We have not bought the budget van yet we are still waiting to get your feedback on if it is something that would have a market and the only way to find this out is through the enquiries we receive about this service or feel free to comment on our Facebook page.

The rates for these vans would be slightly less and the vans would still be reliable and properly kitted out but more informal and fun to allow you to enjoy whatever experience you decide you want to use the vans for.

For wild camping or festivals you can rent a suitcase generator so you still have the 240V sockets available to you.

Let us know your thoughts, any ideas and suggestions, as long as they are not rude, are welcome.

We look forward to helping you make your Highland memories!

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